August Meshspotting round up

August Meshspotting round up

Our meshspotting photo gallery has been filled in August by some fantastic examples of how expanded metal mesh can be used in creative, aesthetic and practical ways.

From bunkers and forts to retail stores, we’ve seen expanded metal used in a range of applications and we hope this provides you with some inspiration for using this versatile material.

It would be great to see further examples of how expanded metal mesh is being used, so if you see it applied in an interesting or unusual way take a snap and send it to: or share on social media, using #meshspotting. More details on our photo competition and how your photo will be used can be found below.

August’s meshspotting entries:

Sports Direct, Gateshead

Expanded metal is a popular choice for shopfitting and interior design. At Sports Direct in Gateshead it has been used to create eye-catching displays for a variety of its products. It’s also been combined with lighting to add another aesthetic element to this display. Find out more about the range of expanded metal most commonly found in retail fit-outs.

View equivalent products: 1280F and 1584F.

Ikea, Gateshead

When it comes to Meshspotting, we often receive a number of examples of expanded metal’s interior and exterior uses but less common is this great example of it being applied to furniture manufacture. Spotted at Ikea, this TV bench is a great showcase for how metal mesh can define light and space.

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La Bistro, Leeds

Metal mesh is often used in the hospitality sector to create interesting interior features. At La Bistro in Horsforth, Leeds, expanded metal has been used to create mood lighting effects. More information on applications in shopfitting can be found here.

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RAF bunker, Newcastle

Durability is a key feature of expanded metal which is why these expanded metal panels have been used to safeguard the air vents at an historic Royal Air Force bunker in Kenton Bar, Newcastle. The site was home to No.13 Group Fighter Command during the Second World War and as part of the UK's air defence system, it played a crucial role in the Battle of Britain.

View equivalent products: 2073F and 2074F.

Fort Zaccarana Or Tonale, Lombardy, Italy

These expanded metal stairs were spotted by Gionata Frigeri at Fort Zaccarana Or Tonale, Lombardy, Italy. The fort was built at the start of the 20th century and played a part in the First World War. It stands at 2,116 metres above sea level and is the highest fort in the region.

Explore the range of expanded metal mesh which can be fabricated for treads and walkways.

View equivalent products: N7478 and 2496.

Our meshspotting initiative showcases the many properties and capabilities of expanded metal mesh, and highlights where and how it is used all over the world. So, next time you spot expanded metal mesh in an interesting application or in an unusual or striking location, why not send a photo through and share it?

We’d love you to take part in our #meshspotting campaign by sharing great pictures of expanded metal mesh via e-mailing us on ( or on social media, using #meshspotting. You can send us the images via our accounts on PinterestTwitter and LinkedIn.

The best photos will be shown on our social media channels, website and e-marketing platforms, including our regular e-newsletter.

Every quarter we will be choosing a winner in the following categories:

  • Most creative application spotted
  • Best photo (composition)
  • Furthest away from Hartlepool (our HQ and the original home of expanded metal manufacturing!)

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