New certification for high strength walkway mesh

New certification for high strength walkway mesh

A heavy-duty walkway product manufactured by The Expanded Metal Company has been proven to offer an exceptional level of grip making it highly suitable for use in hazardous environments, and for the construction of fire escapes, evacuation routes and disabled access ramps.

Our N7478 Supagrip walkway mesh has now been tested and certified to BS7976 Part 2 a standard used by the Health and Safety Executive and backed by testing developed by The Health and Safety Laboratory.

The testing, which was carried out in December 2017, showed that across a range of gradients and in both wet and dry conditions, the N7478 Supagrip walkway mesh offered up to 268 per cent more slip resistance than the minimum standard set for a product s low slip potential.

The Expanded Metal Company already has an established range of walkway meshes which are used in multiple applications in both residential and commercial environments.

These include access walkways, bridges, mezzanine floors, gantries, wheelchair access ramps and car transporter ramps. The properties of expanded metal mesh make it highly suitable for use in the construction of walkways, as its design allows the free flow of water to give natural drainage, and snow, ice and mud break off underfoot, allowing users to maintain a secure footing.

The newly certified N7478 Supagrip walkway mesh is especially suitable for hazardous environments and at heights where grip and safety underfoot are critical for instance on offshore oil and gas platforms and in processing plants, container ports and utilities facilities such as energy plants and water treatment works.

Due its unique mesh profile, our Supagrip range offers grip in all directions and it is designed to create a comfortable yet sturdy surface underfoot that is suitable for most types of footwear.

Ian Hutchinson, product manager at The Expanded Metal Company, said:

"Our range of walkway meshes have been established for decades but it s fantastic that we can now offer customers especially those building or operating facilities in hazardous environments additional peace of mind in the form of the BS7976 Part 2 certification.

When in situ, our Supagrip product provides a low profile aesthetic and can be combined with handrails and sloping gradients to provide a highly effective ramping system with superior grip and longevity." 

Philip Astley, managing director at The Expanded Metal Company added:

"We are delighted that our N7478 Supagrip walkway mesh has been certified to such as high standard.

The development of this product is testimony to our in-house design and manufacturing experience, and our extensive knowledge of the unique properties of expanded metal mesh, properties that make it ideal for the production of high strength walkways which adhere to stringent safety requirements."