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P00451, Aluminium Foil Mesh


Our unique aluminium foil has been proven to perform in a diverse range of applications.

Manufactured from 0.05mm aluminium and weighing less than 100g/m2, our innovative foil has all the benefits of traditional expanded metal mesh in a light and cost-effective form.

Our foil can be folded, wrapped or compressed. Folded into layers, it has successfully been adopted as a highly effective filtration media and by being compressed into uniquely shaped foil bricks, it can be used within an array of highly specialised filter cartridges.

Our foil products can be used in the production of filter panels and have applications across air filtration and liquid filtration.

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Raised or Flattened Raised
Material Aluminium
Pitch LWP 16mm
Pitch SWP 6mm
Strand Thickness 0.05mm
Strand Width 1.7169mm
Shape Diamond