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N6664F - Small, Expanded Metal, Flattened, Pre-galvanised Steel Mesh


Small, Expanded Metal, Flattened, Pre-galvanised Steel Mesh

Also known as...

P06664, 08-64FG, 08-64PGF, PX2_39-FG, ST8

Unlike perforated metal where holes are punched and the waste is costly, our Experf production method involves slitting and stretching the material to create holes, rather than punching them out. This provides a high quality product with cost savings of more than 50% versus perforated metal products. Experf can be interchanged for perforated equivalents in multiple applications, giving comparable aesthetics, strength, open area, acoustic and filtration properties.


This product is an ideal cost effective alternative to perforated pattern R3T5, why not get in touch to enquire what savings can be made?

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Raised or Flattened Flattened
Material Pre-galvanised Steel
Pitch LWP 8mm
Pitch SWP 5.98mm
Aperture Long Way 5mm
Aperture Short Way 3.2mm
Strand Thickness 0.7mm
Strand Thickness AF 0.7mm
Strand Width 1.4mm
Strand Width AF 1.5mm
Shape Experf
Open Area 52%
Sheet Size Long Way 1250mm
Sheet Size Short Way 2500mm

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