Architectural Louvres

Expanded metal’s inherent strength, robustness and aesthetic properties make the material a popular choice for use in architectural louvres.

Our products can be used in the creation of mesh louvre panels and mesh louvre screens, and they can be used in screening systems to conceal equipment such as air conditioning units and heating or power-related machinery.

Expanded metal has a high wind load capacity, so can help to protect external equipment, and our mesh solutions facilitate ventilation and aid the prevention of rain ingress.

Our architectural mesh products allow architects to create eye-catching features which can augment the style of a building, while disguising unsightly equipment or machinery.

They are frequently used in louvres for plant rooms, car parks and rooftops.

Mesh louvre panels

We offer a range of meshes suitable for architectural louvres.

These include:

Aachen – a raised aluminium mesh product that can be used to make bold, industrial statements.

Bilbao – a raised aluminium mesh which is popular with architects for its aesthetic properties and is often used in louvre screens.

New York – a raised aluminium mesh which takes its name from its first use – cladding the New Museum in New York.

Prague – a raised aluminium mesh which is a popular choice among designers looking for a striking, textured visual solution.

There are more examples of our architectural meshes here and you can also order samples of our mesh products.

We can also create bespoke mesh patterns for your project, and we offer finishing services including galvanising, polyester powder coating and anodising, for both additional corrosion resistance and to add extra visual appeal through a wide range of colours.

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