Meshes for automotive applications

The Expanded Metal Company offers a wide range of meshes for the automotive sector, including meshes used in vehicle build and in components, as well as industrial meshes for the manufacturing process.

We also offer expanded metal mesh products which are used in manufacturing facilities and through all parts of the automotive sector supply chain.

As expanded metal can weigh less than 80 per cent of the raw material from which it was made, it provides a lighter weight solution for vehicle components, and its impressive strength to weight ratio makes it a viable material for use in the automotive industry.

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Expanded metal mesh products for the automotive sector include:

Car body repair

Our fine aluminium raised mesh provides an effective product for car body repair applications, as it can be used in reinforcement. It can be used with body filler, bridging compound and glass fibre kits. Explore the range.

Speaker grilles

Expanded metal mesh provides a cost-effective solution for audio speaker grilles. Our Experf range is especially suitable for use in acoustic applications as a metal mesh speaker grille and is a cost-effective alternative to perforated metal. Our raised aluminium meshes and raised steel meshes can also be used to manufacture speaker grilles. Explore the range.

Car grilles

Expanded metal mesh offers a lightweight yet robust solution for the manufacture of car, van and LGV grilles. Products including our large expanded metal raised steel meshes and small aluminium raised meshes can be used in the manufacture of car grilles. Explore the range.


Our flattened steel meshes can be used in the manufacture of pallets for the automotive industry, for the storage and transportation of components. Explore the range.


We manufacture flattened steel meshes which are used in the manufacture of stillages, which are used throughout the automotive sector supply chain. Explore the range.

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