Expanded metal cages for storage and bin storage

Expanded metal is often used in the manufacture of mesh bin stores and mesh bin cages.

Expanded metal cages for storage are robust and durable, and can be used to secure waste bins, protecting them from vandalism and wildlife, and helping to contain waste and keep it away from children.

Expanded metal is inherently strong and secure. It has no joins of welds so there is nothing to work loose, so steel mesh storage cages can offer a more robust alternative to wire mesh storage cages. Expanded metal panels cannot be easily targeted at their welds or simply parted with common tools such as scissor jacks.

Expanded metal can be used to secure and store wheelie bins and recycling bins, and due to the material’s aesthetic properties, it can be used to create attractive urban architectural features, where there is a requirement.

Steel mesh storage cages for bins

We offer a range of meshes suitable for bin stores and bin cages.

These include:

Bilbao – a raised aluminium mesh which is popular with architects for its aesthetic properties

2496 – a hard wearing, robust raised steel mesh

2496A – a durable raised aluminium mesh

1576 – a strong raised steel mesh

2089 – a raised steel mesh often used in the manufacture of steel mesh storage cages

3396 – a heavy duty, durable raised steel mesh

We can also create bespoke mesh designs for projects including the manufacture of metal cages for storage, and we offer finishing services including galvanising, polyester powder coating and anodising, for both additional corrosion resistance and to add additional visual appeal through a wide range of colours.

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