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Home Improvement

The Expanded Metal Company is a supplier of DIY mesh and garden mesh. Our metal mesh products, which are manufactured in the UK, are versatile, flexible and adaptable, and can be used for numerous applications across the home and garden.

Expanded metal can be used in maintenance and repair work, and can also be used to create attractive practical and decorative features around the home, such as radiator grilles, cabinets and shelving. Metal mesh also provides an excellent material for DIY gutter guards and DIY vent covers.

Our DIY mesh is available in different metals including stainless steel, aluminium and pre-galvanised steel.

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Garden mesh

Our high quality UK-manufactured expanded metal can be used to enhance gardens and our products have both practical and aesthetic benefits. They can offer high corrosion resistance and durability.

You can purchase a wide range of materials through The Expanded Metal Company website, including stainless steel, pre-galvanised steel and aluminium meshes.

Our garden mesh can be used to create metal wire fences, mesh screens, mesh netting, barbeque grilles, boundary panels and much more, and is a highly effective and robust alternative to products such as perforated metal screens and welded wire mesh panels.

It can be incorporated into the construction of pet houses, rabbit hutches and chicken coops, and metal mesh can also help to protect garden areas and trees.

Expanded metal is also a popular choice with garden designers and landscape architects, who are drawn to its flexibility and aesthetic impact. Metal mesh has been used in an RHS award-winning garden and is even found in The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

If you can’t find the pattern or material you are looking for, we can work with you to create a bespoke DIY mesh or garden mesh for your home improvement or garden project.

The Expanded Metal Company has an established track record of designing new meshes for specific projects and we have extensive tooling capabilities to support new innovations. Contact us to find out more.