Cylinders and tubes

We can provide a wide variety of expanded metal mesh, welded mesh and perforated cylinders and tubes suitable for use across a number of industry sectors. They can be used in the manufacture of filters, exhausts, pipe guards, heat exchangers, vents, screening and decorative features, and in a wealth of other applications.

Expanded metal mesh cylinders and tubes

We manufacture welded expanded metal mesh cylinders and tubes for a range of applications. Expanded metal mesh can be used to create bullet filters, capped filters, open end flange filters and crimped ended filters.

Spiral tubes

We manufacture spiral tubes in a variety of widths and lengths, in materials including stainless steel, tin-plated steel, aluminium alloys, carbon steels, copper-based alloys and pre-coated steel. The tubes are manufactured without the need for welding and our equipment produces consistently high collapse strength tubes.

Our spiral tubes have applications in industries such as filtration, textiles, automotive and interior design.

Perforated metal filters

We offer a range of perforated metal filters to the market, which can be designed to a bespoke shape if you require.

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