Aluminum mesh foil

Our unique aluminium mesh foil has been proven to perform in a diverse range of applications, across industries including aerospace, automotive, defence and the process sector.

Manufactured from 0.05mm aluminium and weighing less than 100g/m2, our innovative foil has all the benefits of traditional expanded metal mesh in a light and cost-effective form.

Our foil can be folded, wrapped or compressed. Folded into layers, aluminium metal mesh foil has successfully been adopted as a highly effective filtration media – and by being compressed into uniquely shaped foil bricks, it can be used within an array of highly specialised filter cartridges.

Our alumnium metal mesh foil products can be used in the production of filter panels and have applications across air filtration and liquid filtration.

The Expanded Metal Company has also developed an explosion suppression safety foil, which is commonly used within fuel storage tanks. Extensive testing by the MOD has proven that storage tanks filled with both fuel and our foil are able to withstand bullet and shrapnel penetration as well as direct combustion without actually exploding. With a minimum liquid displacement of only 0.95% of volume filled, foil has negligible impact on capacity. 

Aliminium mesh foil is also used in the creation of props for stage, TV and film productions, and also has applications in crafting, decoration making, art and sclupture, due to its flexibility and versatility. 

Foil mesh attributes 

  • Prevents volatile liquids and gases from exploding
  • Increases crash resistance of tanks and containers
  • Reduces sloshing movement of liquid cargo
  • Excellent acoustic attenuation and filtration properties
  • Can be installed in high temperature environments
  • Extremely lightweight at just 100g/m2
  • Cost effective at just 0.05mm thick
  • Minimum liquid displacement of only 0.95%
  • Can be compressed to an almost unlimited variety of shapes and sizes
  • No waste during manufacture and completely recyclable
  • May offer an alternative to metal foam 

Our foil mesh is used extensively in filter panels and across the filtration industry.  Download our brochure here

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