Meshes for security and defence

Our ExMesh™ range of security solutions are employed in the protection of staff and assets in sectors and environments including critical national infrastructure, defence, prisons, transport infrastructure, utilities, education and the public sector.

The ExMesh™ range includes high security fencing systems, security gates and additional metal mesh security solutions such as cages.

As expanded metal mesh is formed from one piece of material, there is nothing to work loose, no fretting strands or strained joins or welds - the homogenous design of expanded metal results in an inherently strong material. Unlike other products available on the market, our panels cannot be easily targeted at their welds or simply parted with common tools such as scissor jacks.


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ExMesh Securilath

ExMesh™ Securilath™ is an expanded metal mesh solution which provides a discreet method of delaying intruders from creating an aperture large enough to gain entry to a premise. Sometimes referred to as ‘Expamet’ in the market, Securilath™ was developed by The Expanded Metal Company in the 1990s and is manufactured at our Hartlepool, UK site.

Securilath™ is now the only UK-manufactured security lath range to be certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) when applied to metal stud, timber stud and block walls.

Securilath™ can be installed at the time of construction into internal or external walls (solid or stud), ceilings and roofs, or can be retrofit whilst refurbishment is carried out. Securilath™ is easily fixed to brickwork, blockwork, stud partitioning, ceiling joists and roofs in metal or timber.

Cost effective and easy to install, ExMesh™ Securilath™ is available in LPBC LPS 1175 SR 1, 2 and 3 rated options.

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Security fencing

The ExMesh™ range includes a wide range of security fencing options – manufactured from raised steel meshes.

Our range of security fencing includes high security SR3 fencing, SR2 fencing and Super Security fencing, Fastrack (a fencing solution developed for the rail industry), Paliclad (a mesh upgrade to existing palisade fencing), Fixafence (a mesh which clamps onto fence posts), Electra (security fencing for the utilities sector) and Primary (security fencing for schools and local authorities). Find out more.  

We can also supply raised steel meshes as fencing panels to contractors. Explore our range.


We offer a range of security gates, which can be used in conjunction with our fencing systems and we have developed gates for both vehicle and pedestrian access. Our gate range includes high security SR2 and SR3 options. Find out more.  


Our raised steel meshes can be used in the manufacture of cages and we also supply cages as complete solutions from our ExMesh™ range. Explore our range.

Anti-climb solutions

Our ExMesh™ range includes anti-climb products which are used to prevent trespass and deter vandals. These include the ExMesh™ AVSB (Anti-Vandal Scaling Barrier) and the ExMesh™ Raptor. Find out more.  

Window guards

Our raised steel meshes provide a robust solution for window guards and combine strength with visibility. Explore our range.

Electromagnetic screens

We offer flattened steel mesh product which can be used to create highly effective electromagnetic screens. Explore our range.

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