Securilath™ Ultra - Large, Expanded Metal, Flattened, Steel Mesh


Large, Expanded Metal, Flattened, Steel Mesh

Accreditation / Testing Standard
LPCB SR3. LPS 1175: Issue 8. *When installed per installation guide within certificate #731n

Also known as...

Securilath Ultra

Securilath is a range of reinforced metal security meshes created by The Expanded Metal Company to prevent criminal access through partitions, walls and roofs. Securilath can be easily fixed to brickwork, block work, stud partitioning, ceiling joists and roofs in metal and timber. Securilath has been extensively tested and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. Our Ultra designation is a double skinned solution for extra security in walls and partitions. Securilath Ultra holds the LPS 1175 SR3 (Cert 731n) rating when applied to timber or metal stud and installed inline with published guidelines.

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Raised or Flattened Flattened
Material Steel
Pitch LWP 50.8mm
Pitch SWP 22.58mm
Aperture Long Way 42.93mm
Aperture Short Way 14.22mm
Strand Thickness 3mm
Strand Thickness AF 2.69mm
Strand Width 4.39mm
Strand Width AF 4.6mm
Shape Diamond
Open Area 61%
Sheet Size Long Way 2440mm
Sheet Size Short Way 1220mm

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