R-FD943 - Walkway Clip, Steel


Walkway Clip, Steel

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Our galvanised walkway clips are designed to provide a mechanical, secure fitment of walkway mesh panels to steelwork. Clip LRD17A consists of an upper saddle engaging over two knuckles of the mesh with a screw passing through the saddle and tightening into a lower clamping strip which is notched to engage with the bottom edge of a knuckle. The advantage of this arrangement is that the need to tighten a nut from below is eliminated. With saddle and clamping strip held together by the screw, the end of the clamping strip is worked through the mesh, positioned correctly and the screw tightened. For our heavier walkway pattern 4894, both saddle and strip must be positioned separately before the screw is tightened. The recommended distance between clips is 750mm. Specifically to accommodate walkway pattern 2496, we offer clip FD943 which consists of a hook bolt and clamp. Information on clip installation is provided for guidance only. We recommend consultation with structural engineers before installation.

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Material Steel
Shape Walkway clip
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