Building and Construction

We provide cost-effective solutions to contractors and our team is able to work hand in hand with them on construction projects of every size.

We have the flexibility to adapt quickly to customers’ requirements and offer rapid turnaround times, which are crucial in the construction industry.

Our expanded metal mesh products, including fencing, laths and both flattened and raised meshes, are used extensively in construction projects.

  • Securilath™ – a versatile material which can be easily fitted during construction or retro-fit, and is situated within internal and external walls, ceilings, roofs and windows.
  • 95S – a versatile steel lath with numerous applications in construction projects.
  • 94G – a pre-galvanised steel lath.


For more than 125 years, The Expanded Metal Company has supported the construction trade. Soon after it was conceived expanded metal was quickly adopted by the construction trade as the new standard in metal lath and concrete reinforcement.


Expanded metal laths provide an excellent key for finishing materials such as plasters and renders on masonry, ceilings, suspended ceilings and timber framed buildings. Our lathing is manufactured in galvanised and stainless steel materials, which can be used for internal and external applications.


In addition to its use on flat surfaces, lathing can be also used on projects where curved or domed shapes are required. Lath can also provide a quick, simple and cost effective method of forming a key background around the steel to which a fire protection coating can then be applied.

As well as lathing for plasterwork, we also offer a range of high strength, anti-slip walkways and stairtreads used extensively for access gantries, ramps and bridges. We also offer our Securilath™ range for target hardening drywall installations in facilities such as banks and armouries.