Expanded metal in the chemical processing industry

Expanded metal mesh is widely used within the chemical processing industry in filtration, as well as for its safety applications. As it is available in stainless steel, it is well suited to the often harsh and corrosive environments found in the chemical processing industry. Stainless steel is often the material of choice for the chemical industry as it is strong and durable so it can withstand damage from regular cleaning, even with bleach washing.

In addition, we can produce our expanded metal mesh range in a variety of materials that can withstand exotic heat and have chemical resistance such as superalloy incoloy, titanium, platinum and duplex stainless steel.

The way expanded metal mesh is formed also adds to its benefits for use in the industry as it is inherently strong (something that even applies to our finer meshes) – but is also lightweight which makes it an ideal fit for filtration purposes. For example, our Micromesh range is an extremely fine expanded metal mesh which can be created from a range of ductile materials but has all the benefits of expanded metal.

In addition, the anti-slip surfaces offered by raised mesh enable it to be used to create walkways and ramps and the superb grip our walkway meshes provide is especially attractive in environments where safety is a primary concern.

We also provide a number of finishing options which not only have a decorative purpose but can provide protection and added durability. In addition, we can produce our expanded metal mesh range in a variety of exotic heat and chemical resistant materials such as incoloy, titanium, platinum and duplex, to name but a few.

Walkways and ramps

The ridges formed from the creation of expanded mesh gives sound grip underfoot, making it highly suitable for applications such as walkways and ramps. Explore the product range here.

Filter panels

Constructed from multiple layers of expanded aluminium foil mesh, arranged alternately at right angles to each other, our filter panels provide jointless continuity. This ensures a robust, high-performance filter with low resistance to airflow. View our range of filter panels.

Air filtration

We supply specialist meshes to companies operating in the filtration sector, and our range of fine expanded meshes are ideal for use in air filters. Metal mesh is durable and easy to clean -  both great properties to support its use in mist filtration and dust filtration. View our range of air filtration mesh.


Folded into layers, our aluminium foil acts as a highly effective filtration media that can be used in the production of filter panels. As it can be folded, wrapped or compressed it has a wide range of applications beyond filtration – explore the benefits and applications of our foil products.

Machine guards

Safety is of paramount concern within the chemical industry. Because of its durability, ability to maintain airflow and ability to give visibility of machinery while providing protection,  expanded metal is a highly suitable material for machine guards. View our range of machine guard mesh.

Want to know more about expanded metal’s applications in the chemical processing industry? Contact our team on +44 (0)1429 867 388 or email sales@exmesh.co.uk.

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