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Expanded metal in warehousing and logistics

Expanded metal has multiple uses in a warehouse environment, from ensuring that staff and goods are protected, to enabling vehicle access and safe loading and unloading.

The strength and robust nature of expanded metal mesh make it highly suitable for use in storing and transporting goods – especially where high volumes of product are being managed – while products from out ExMesh™ security range can be used to protect warehouse buildings and yards.

Vehicle and pedestrian ramps

We offer a wide range of robust expanded metal mesh products in raised steel and raised aluminium mesh for the manufacture of vehicle access ramps and pedestrian ramps. These ramps offer suberb grip and can be used to support heavy vehicles such as lorries and vans. Explore the range here.

Walkways, staircases and gantries

Our walkway mesh range also offers products with superb grip. These raised steel and raised aluminium meshes can be used to create walkways, staircases and gantries in areas where safety is of paramount concern. View our products here.

Security fencing and gates

We offer a range of fencing panels and full security fencing systems and gates to protect the external perimeter of a site. These range from cost-effective security enhancements to existing palisade fencing to LP1 1175 SR2 and SR3 accredited options. These physical security measures form part of our ExMesh™ security range and security fencing panels are available to purchase here.

For complete security solutions, view our ExMesh™ website.

Anti-climb measures

Part of our ExMesh™ security range, our AVSB and Raptor anti-climb products are designed to deter trespass and vandalism. View our range here.


ExMesh™ Securilath™ is an expanded metal mesh solution which provides a discreet method of delaying intruders from creating an aperture large enough to gain entry to a building. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Expamet’ in the market. Explore the range here.


Our raised steel meshes can be used in the manufacture of cages – which can be employed to protect high-value goods and equipment. We also supply cages as complete security solutions from our ExMesh™ range. View expanded metal for cages here and learn more about the full expanded metal cage systems here.

Stillages and metal shelving 

Our flattened steel meshes can be used in the manufacture of stillages often used warehouses as they allow materials and products to be moved quickly and easily. They are also stackable, meaning that they can enable a large amount of storage, taking up less floor space. Our meshes can also be used to manufacture heavy duty shelving and metal shelving units. Explore our products here.


Robust and strong, our flattened steel meshes can be used in the manufacture of pallets and due to the heavy-duty frameworks, they are ideal products for transporting valuable goods. View our products here.

Pallet racking

Our large flattened and raised steel mesh and security fencing panels also have uses in pallet racking. For instance, shelves can be made from our large expanded metal flattened steel mesh by sitting it between two pallet racking beams – this offers advantages over traditional shelving such as fire safety protection. Take a look at our most suitable mesh for pallet racking shelves. Our security fencing panels and large raised steel mesh also have uses for safety guarding at the rear to prevent items from falling. View the meshes here

If you’d like to know more about our expanded metal solutions for warehousing and logistics, contact our team on +44 (0)1429 867 388 or email

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