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We offer a wide range of finishing options which can be applied to our expanded metal mesh product range, for both decorative and protective purposes.

Our finishing solutions are suitable for metal mesh products used across a range of applications, including building cladding, internal and external architectural features, fencing, walkways, filters, components and grilles.


Hot dip galvanising is a common solution which provides an effective layer of protection to mild steel. The process involves dipping our expanded steel mesh in to a bath of molten zinc, this provides a barrier to weathering and prevents rusting.

Polyester powder coating

Polyester powder coating offers excellent durability and enables a coloured finish to be applied to our expanded metal mesh range. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a skin. The powder may be a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer and is usually used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Polyester powder coating can be applied to most materials and products within our expanded metal mesh range. It is often used in conjunction with hot dip galvanising on steel mesh products to provide superior longevity and a smooth, coloured finish.


Anodising is an electrolytic process which is used to produce thick oxide coatings, usually on aluminium and its alloys. Unlike powder coating, which sits on the metal’s surface, anodising permeates the metal’s layers. This provides longevity and a means to maintain natural metallic sheen whilst also introducing a spectacular array of colours, including the renowned Anolok™ range from United Anodisers Limited.

We also offer a variety of other specialist coatings for our expanded metal mesh products.

To discuss our finishing options for expanded metal mesh products, call our team on +44 (0)1429 867 388 or email

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