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Flexible, durable and striking, The Expanded Metal Company’s architectural mesh products are available in a wide variety of materials, colours, patterns, finishes and textures.

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As a result, architects and developers use architectural mesh on a range of internal and external projects, from decorative feature and internal wall displays to large scale building cladding and facades.

Expanded metal mesh provides a controllable contour for surfaces including ceilings, cladding, screens and columns, and because the material enables the control of light and air movement, it offers functionality as well as aesthetic advantages.

Expanded metal mesh can also reduce a building’s solar gain through blocking the sun’s rays as it moves through the day. The expansion process creates angled, louvre-like apertures within the material which act as multiple miniature shades. These apertures are created without any material being wasted.

  • A flexible, multi-faceted look for designers and architects
  • Wide choice of materials, colours, patterns, finishes and textures
  • Enables control of light and air movement
  • Can reduce a building’s solar gain
  • Uses include ceilings, screens and cladding

We can also provide a variety of finishing options, including galvanising, polyester powder coating and anodising.

In addition, we offer a range of metal fabrication services to assist suppliers, contractors and end users with their projects, including welding, cutting and drilling.

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