ExMesh™ Security Products

The Expanded Metal Company’s ExMesh™ range offers innovative, certified physical security solutions to LPS 1175 SR3. ExMesh™ products are employed in the protection of staff and assets in sectors and environments including critical national infrastructure, defence, prisons, utilities, education and the public sector.

Drawing on our extensive metal mesh manufacturing expertise and our close, long-standing links with the physical security sector, we have developed a range of security products which can be used effectively across target hardening and perimeter security, such as drywall security mesh and mesh fencing.

The Expanded Metal Company was the first fencing manufacturer in the UK to be awarded ‘Secured by Design’ status. ‘Secured by Design’ identifies technical standards and tests the competency of security products and their resistance to criminal attack.

As well as offering metal security mesh panels which can be used to form security fencing and cages, we provide complete security solutions and can support contractors and end users with design and installation. 

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The ExMesh™ range includes:


ExMesh™ Class 3 security fencing system – one of the few fencing systems in the UK to gain Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) SR3* accreditation under the standard LPS 1175: Issue 8.

ExMesh™ Class 2 security fencing system – holds LPCB SR2* accreditation under the standard LPS 1175: Issue 8.

ExMesh™ Class 3 security gates – hold LPCB SR3* accreditation under the standard LPS 1175: Issue 8.

ExMesh™ Class 2 security gates – hold LPCB SR2* accreditation under the standard LPS 1175: Issue 8.

ExMesh™ Securilath™ – an expanded metal security mesh solution that provides a discreet method of delaying intruders, available in LPCB LPS 1175 SR 1, 2 and 3 rated options. Securilath™ is now the only security mesh range to be certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) when applied to metal stud, timber stud and block walls. Buy Securilath™ here.

ExMesh™ Fastrack security fencing system – developed in conjunction with the rail industry as a secure alternative to palisade or chain link fencing systems.

ExMesh™ Primary security fencing system – a cost effective security solution used by many education authorities to protect pupils, staff and property

ExMesh™ Electra security fencing system – specifically designed for the electric and telecoms industry.

ExMesh™ GRP security fencing system – a secure non-conductive system consisting of glass reinforcing plastic (GRP) panels and posts.

ExMesh™ Super Security fencing system – a parallel strand fencing solution which offers one of the highest levels of security available on the market.

ExMesh™ Paliclad – a metal mesh solution designed to upgrade an existing palisade fencing system by providing additional security.

ExMesh™ Fixafence – a mesh that clamps onto existing fence posts, providing a cost effective security solution.

ExMesh™ Alleygator – an access security system featuring a special gate design, holding LPCB SR2* accreditation under the standard LPS 1175: Issue 6.

ExMesh™ Anti-Climb range – highly efficient security enhancements to deter trespassers and protect property and grounds.

ExMesh™ Cages – a secure mesh storage solution and can be easily assembled with the fixings provided, which include anchor bolts to secure the cage to an existing concrete area.

ExMesh™ Boundary Panels – used for demarcation in multiple environments including housing schemes, local authority sites, parks and schools.


* When fitted in accordance with our installation instructions (available upon request).

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