ExMesh™ Securilath™

ExMesh™ Securilath™ is an expanded metal mesh solution which provides a discreet method of delaying intruders from creating an aperture large enough to gain entry to a premise.  Sometimes referred to as ‘Expamet’ in the market, Securilath™ was developed by The Expanded Metal Company in the 1990s and is manufactured at our Hartlepool, UK site.

Specify whether the mesh should have a raised profile or be completely flat
Raised or Flattened
  1. Raised
  2. Flattened
Specify the base material
  1. Steel
  1. Diamond
Specify the overall open area percentage
Open Area

Securilath™ can be installed at the time of construction into internal or external walls (solid or stud), ceilings and roofs, or can be retrofit whilst refurbishment is carried out. Securilath™ is easily fixed to brickwork, blockwork, stud partitioning, ceiling joists and roofs in metal or timber.

Cost effective and easy to install, ExMesh™ Securilath™ is available in LPCB LPS 1175 SR 1, 2 and 3 rated options.

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