The Expanded Metal Company has worked across the manufacturing sector for decades and we have the industrial expertise and specialist capabilities to provide multiple, innovative solutions for end users – whether that’s using our tooling skills to create bespoke components, providing bulk quantities of expanded metal mesh, or working with facilities managers and contractors to help manufacturing make sites more safe and secure.

Examples of our expanded metal mesh solutions for the manufacturing sector include:

Air filters

Expanded metal mesh filters (including filter panels and aluminium foil) – these can be used in the extraction of dust and other contaminants from manufacturing facilities.

Liquid filters

Expanded metal mesh liquid filters can be used to filter a range of fluids and can be used in components such as bullet filters.

Plant screens and machine guards

Expanded metal mesh panels can be used to increase the protection and security of enclosed equipment, disguise power, heating and air-conditioning equipment and protect waste or recycling areas.

Walkway meshes

We can work with manufacturing companies and contractors to create walkways and gantries for their facilities.

Acoustic attenuation meshes

We manufacture meshes which can be used in acoustic attenuation applications – the meshes are able to hold the acoustic media in place and are also partially active in acoustic attenuation.


Micromesh is a precision product that retains all of the benefits of expanded metal mesh and is designed for use in challenging technological and scientific applications.


Our physical security range offers solutions, including security fencing, security gates, and anti-climb measures, which can strengthen perimeter security, harden access points and deter vandals.

Other solutions for the manufacturing sector include flue guards, vent meshes and spark guards.


If you’d like to know more about our expanded metal mesh products for the manufacturing sector, contact our team today on +44 (0)1429 867 388 or email

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