Features & Benefits of Expanded Metal

With innovative manufacturing facilities, techniques and capabilities, The Expanded Metal Company manufactures a wide range of expanded metal mesh products suitable for a variety of applications.

Expanded metal mesh has a diverse range of properties, which makes it a versatile material that can be used throughout a variety of industries. From our aluminium foils measuring just 50 microns thick, through to our heavy duty 6mm thick metal walkway range, we offer a class leading range of choice.

Formed from One Piece of Material


Expanded metal mesh is formed from one piece of material, meaning there is nothing to work loose, no fretting strands or strained joins or welds. The homogenous design of expanded metal results in an inherently strong material that can be used in a range of components.
In addition, because it is manufactured from one piece of material, expanded metal mesh is ideal for forming and can easily undergo further processing, such as pressing and shearing.

Minimum Waste

Our process involves slitting and stretching material to create holes rather than punching it out. This provides immediate cost savings, especially when compared to other metal processing methods, such as perforation, which results in wasted raw material.

Strength to Weight Ratio

By expanding metal from a solid sheet form, a strong yet lightweight material is created. The uncut ‘knuckles’ of expanded metal mesh withstand pressure better than welds or joints.


Our product is available in a wide array of colours, materials and designs, and can be used to stunning effect. Contact us for a sample and you can get a closer look at its aesthetic properties. It is often used as decorative metal mesh or for architectural fabrications. 

Highly Efficient

Electricity, magnetic flux and heat can all flow through expanded metal mesh, as there is a continuous connection throughout each sheet. There are no breaks or welds because the mesh has been formed from a single piece of metal.


The knuckles formed by expanding mesh give sound grip underfoot, particularly beneficial when used in stair treads, ramps and walkways. We have also developed a range of specific anti-slip walkway meshes.