Expanded metal in the leisure sector

Expanded metal has multiple uses in commercial kitchens, restaurants, cafes and bars. Expanded metal mesh can offer decorative benefits to a fit-out as well as practical benefits in the form of air filter panels for kitchens.

Expanded metal can be used in conjunction with lighting to create stunning effects. It can enhance the feeling of space in an environment and help to create an eye-catching interior for a venue such as a restaurant or a bar.

We offer a wide range of expanded metal mesh products that are used for their aesthetic qualities for the fit-out of kitchens, bars, cafes and restaurants. In addition, raised steel and aluminium meshes can be used to create staircases, walkways, gantries and ramps.

Raised aluminium mesh, flattened steel mesh and stainless steel mesh can all be used for plaster rendering, while raised aluminium and steel mesh can be used to build balustrades.

Securilath™ (sometimes referred to in the market as Expamet) can be installed between walls, ceilings and roofs for additional security, lightweight meshes can be used in speaker systems and our filter panels are ideal for use within commercial kitchens. 

We also provide finishing solutions such as galvanising, polyester powder coating and anodising, for both decorative and protective purposes.


Internal architectural features

Expanded metal mesh can be manufactured in a range of patterns making it extremely suited to creating stunning interiors – for instance, to provide the backdrop to a till or bar area, or to highlight or section-off an area. Lighting effects, colours and natural light can all be used to enhance the mesh’s effect even further. View the products available here


Expanded metal is a popular material for the creation of balustrades and its aesthetic qualities can turn a staircase into a striking architectural feature. You can view our products available here.

Staircases, walkways and gantries

Our expanded metal walkway meshes provide superb grip underfoot and offer a highly effective solution for walkway gantries, ramps and stair treads. They combine practicality with aesthetic appeal. View our products here.

Plaster rendering

Expanded metal mesh lath provides a key for the application of plasters and render. Our lath and rendering meshes are supplied in various designs to accommodate the most simple or demanding of applications, to support shop or leisure venue build projects. View products here.

Air filter panels

Our filter panels are constructed from multiple layers of expanded aluminium foil mesh, arranged alternately at right angles to each other to provide jointless continuity. This ensures a robust, high-performance filter with a low resistance to airflow. They are ideal for use within commercial kitchens. View our range of filter panels.

Acoustic applications

Our durable and lightweight meshes can be used in acoustic applications such as speaker systems and can be applied to floors, walls and ceilings as an acoustic attenuation solution to control sound and noise. View our range of speaker grilles here and our acoustic attenuation range here.

If you’d like to know more about our expanded metal solutions for the leisure industry, contact our team on +44 (0)1429 867 388 or email sales@exmesh.co.uk.

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