The Expanded Metal Company has vast experience in supplying specialist meshes to companies operating in the filtration sector, and our range of fine expanded meshes are ideal for multi-purpose filtration.

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Versatile and adaptable, expanded meshes can also be pressed, formed shaped and welded in-house into components for straining, retention and filtration. In addition, cost savings can be achieved when switching from perforated or woven materials to expanded metal gauzes. Our finer meshes are available as coil form, sheet or cut to size pieces and can be used in liquid filters and air filters. 

We specialise in high volume pressings for filter panels and casings and can also accommodate specialist batch work.

We also manufacture a range of formed filtration components, from vent ridge tiles for roof ventilation to small bullet filters for domestic heating systems, and our in-house tooling capabilities enable us to assist customers in developing new filtration products.

Our range of mesh filtration solutions includes:

  • Filtafoil – our aluminium foil can be layered into filter panels to capture dust and grease for both internal and external air filtration.
  • Filter panels – we can supply made to order products with frames and backing meshes constructed in stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised steel and tinplate, in thickness ranging from 7mm to 50mm.  The infill options include Filtafoil, bondina, and galvanised and stainless steel.

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