The Young Vic Theatre

The Young Vic Theatre was one of the original visionary redevelopments to utilise expanded metal mesh for its aesthetics as well as its functionality.

The Young Vic, a famous producing theatre in South London, began life as an offshoot of the Old Vic to bring classic plays to audiences aged nine to 15. The building was designed by architect Bill Howell in 1970 as an informal and temporary space for the National Theatre Company.

In 2004 the production company went travelling for two years co-producing 22 shows with 20 companies around the world, whilst the building, some 30 years old, went through a much needed rebuild.

The re-imagined theatre, by architects Haworth Tompkins, included an upgraded auditorium to increase its theatrical flexibility, two new studio theatres as well as improving the support spaces and the addition of multi-functional bar and foyer space.

Within the space inside the theatre expanded metal mesh was used for decorative and aesthetic purposes to provide light into spaces to open them up.

However, where our expanded metal mesh really stands out is on the building’s exterior. As metal mesh is inherently strong and provides ventilation and shading it is a perfect material to provide protection to the building as well as delivering an unusual façade.

Jointly developed in cooperation with façade specialists James & Taylor, the project went on to win the prestigious RIBA London Building of the Year Award and is now one of London’s most stunning landmarks.

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