The Expanded Metal Company is a leader and innovator in the development and manufacture of expanded metal mesh products, which are used across numerous industries and applications.
Browse our range, which includes stainless steel mesh, galvanized steel mesh, expanded metal laths and much more…

Specify whether the mesh should have a raised profile or be completely flat
Raised or Flattened
  1. Raised
  2. Flattened
Specify the base material
  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Aluminium
  3. Steel
  4. Pre-galvanised Steel
  1. Diamond
  2. Square
  3. Experf
  4. Hexagon
  5. Parallel
  6. Slit
  7. Supagrip
  8. Minaret
Specify the overall open area percentage
Open Area

The Expanded Metal Company manufactures and supplies mesh products including stainless steel mesh, galvanized steel mesh and expanded metal laths.