Stephen Lawrence Centre, London

The Stephen Lawrence Centre in Lewisham, London provides a range of support and activities to inspire and motivate young people.

Opened in 2007, the centre was built in memory of Stephen Lawrence, an architectural student who was murdered in 1993.

The centre acts as a hub where industry, community organisations and educational institutions can exchange information on urban design and regeneration. It is a venue for a number of community-based programmes for all ages including programmes in IT and creative arts.

The Stephen Lawrence Centre is also home to the Blueprint For All charity, which delivers programmes to build the careers of young people as well as providing support to community groups and charities to enrich society.

The centre has been designed to incorporate meaningful patterns, such as that found on the entrance façade - which is based on a drawing by Chris Ofili of a moiré pattern - and to also complement its surrounding area.

Designed by Adjaye Associates, The Stephen Lawrence Centre was nominated for a prestigious Beazley Design of the Year in 2008.

The Expanded Metal Company was invited to provide a metal mesh that could clad the centre. It needed to complement foliage and the terraces and high-rise apartment buildings adjacent to the centre.

Our Bilbao architectural mesh was used to clad the building. It is one of our most popular products and its unique pattern can create stunning visual features, as can be seen on the Stephen Lawrence Centre. 

The large raised aluminium mesh is part of our architectural range and is often used as a façade as it can create attractive textures and lighting effects.

Further architectural uses of our Bilbao expanded metal mesh can be seen on the New Battle of Grunwald Museum in Poland as well as in our range of architectural louvres.  

Owing to the bespoke nature of our architectural meshes please call +44 (0)1429 867 388 or email the team,, to discuss your project.

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